Spectre ICO Tokens: An Investment Opportunity

Thinking about investing in Spectre ICO?

A very realistic and professional assessment of the Spectre profitability and potential can be found in the video below.


What is Spectre ICO?

Spectre ICO is the Initial Coin Offering of the Spectre startup project. Spectre ICO is used to capitalize the liquidity pool of the Spectre Trading Platform. All Spectre ICO holders are contributors to the trading liquidity pool and are entitled to dividend payouts once the project is launched.

There are two types of dividend payouts:

  • Normal dividends paid out on a monthly basis, based on trading volume and size.
  • Special dividends paid out on a yearly basis, based on the amount of over-capitalization of the liquidity pool.

To learn more about Spectre ICO and profitability projections, you should visit the official Spectre website and take a look at their whitepaper.


How to Buy Spectre ICO?

Spectre ICO can be bought with Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency on the Spectre website.

In order to buy the Spectre ICO tokens, you should first have an Ethereum (ETH) wallet with a minimum of 1 ETH. This is the minimum size for participating in the public ICO token sale.

If you don't have an Ethereum Wallet, you can create one here: https://www.myetherwallet.com

Once you have created your ETH wallet and have some Ethereum loaded, you can register on the Spectre website and get all the needed info about how to buy the Spectre ICO.