Spectre Project Background Research

I have conducted an independent online background research of the Spectre Team, Project Pre-launch and the Company History. My initial research shows that all matters are legit and the project itself is not a fraud.


The Spectre Team

I have conducted a basic google search for all team members. All people connected with the project are real people with real history and proven online presence on social and business networks. They do not falsely present themselves and have the history of professional interests and CV's as described on the Spectre website.

You can do your own research by typing the team members names in google.

The Spectre Project

I have checked the history of public announcements in the media and all the online data reads as a normal process of establishing a new startup. The project is transparently and consistently presented in all formats: articles, PR, videos, public announcements, etc ...

Furthermore, beforehand investing, I have checked the actual metrics of the website(s) connected with the project. The data shows a rapid growth of public interest and increment of media presence. You can find the charts below:


Ahrefs backlink data shows the rapid growth of relevant backlinks pointing to the spectre website. The dates correlate with the project launch dates. The origin of backlinks is mostly from financial websites and forums on topics of investment, cryptocurrencies, and trading. The structure is organic and relevant to the project.




Similarweb statistics shows the rapid growth of interest for the spectre website. Again the dates correlate with the project launch. The numbers of visits (350.000 visitors in October 2017) show that there is strong interest in the website and the project.




Scamadvisor research of the website safety and legitimacy shows a green light.

In-depth research of the company and website registrars showed that all the connected parties are legit companies with a clean history and CEO's and employees who are members of the Spectre Team. The complete website is also secured with SSL protocol.